Fallen Fest  2021

Fallen Fest is an annual festival involving bands of different genres around Vancouver. Started in 2019, many bands are too heavy for Vancouvers Rock/Indie Rock Scene and not heavy enough for the Vancouver Metal Scene. Wanting to embrace each bands differences and unique sounds, Fallen Fest is dedicated to talented bands with one heck of a live show. Every musician that graces the stage, puts on an unforgettable set meant to engage and excite the audience.

In February 2019, Bullys Studio was packed for a solid 10 hours as band after band performed. Every act had a great crowd and we thank each and every audience member who came out and supported local music in Vancouver!


In February 2020, The New West Front was alive with some of Vancouvers greatest bands and performers. Having comedians, drag queens and even a taco vendor brought the event to a new level. 

We aim to make each year bigger and better. Working with companies like Support The Scene, and local broadcast stations and other businesses that support local music in Vancouver, we look forward to showcasing hard working talented bands from across the Greater Vancouver Area. 2021 is posed to be an amazing year despite the lead up from COVID 19. We will push hard to bring the same energy to your screens if it has to be streamed. 

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